Out-of-home advertising—or any ‘form of advertising that is outside of the home’—can be as simple as printing a poster and sticking it on the side of the street. But we’d like to think of it as something a little more sophisticated than that.

More commonly referred to in the business as OOH, this is a form of advertising that transcends traditional media—we’re talking TV, radio, and regular ‘ol print. OOH seems like it’s just about billboards and hanging banners along sidewalks, but we at Foris Media Group treat our OOH media placement and branding seriously. Though one has to wonder why we’re so passionate about out-of-home. Why not just use the internet? Make a 30-seconder? Hire a mascot and hand out a flyer?

Those all sound well and good but OOH has power no other media can provide—your audience’s undivided attention.

In advertising with OOH, you have the power to put your ads in places that people can’t look away from, and we mean that in the most literal sense of the term. What better way to capture the attention of the people by placing your ads in strategic sites where everyone’s eyes are on you? What’s more, you can be as creative as possible with options like dye-cut executions, combining digital with static, and basically expressing your brand in the most memorable way imaginable. And unlike an ad you see on a website, you can’t skip ads on billboards.

The other thing about OOH which makes it such a formidable medium for advertising is that your audience is consistent. You know how you have to traverse the same road and the same highway every day to get from Point A to Point B? Imagine placing your brand’s campaign material along that road and that highway. Voila! You’ve captured yourself a market that will be exposed to your ad almost every day of the work week. Before you know it, people will start looking for your ad when they stare out their car windows and cab seats; while they walk the streets of Manila or wonder around Makati. Are they in transit via bus, train, tricycle? Every site is a canvas for amazing ads! The only limit is how far you want to take your brand to the next level.

Think that’s a ticket to ADvantage? We thought so. Contact us now and find out how your brand can make the most out of the benefits of out-of-home media and advertising!