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Got Questions?

What types of outdoor advertising options do you offer?

We offer a wide range of outdoor advertising options, including traditional billboards, digital billboards, transit advertising (e.g., buses, trains), street furniture (e.g., benches, kiosks), airport displays, and more. Our goal is to provide versatile solutions to suit your specific advertising needs and target audience.

How do you determine the locations for outdoor advertising placements?

Our team employs a strategic approach to select prime locations based on factors such as high traffic areas, target demographics, visibility, and strategic alignment with your marketing goals. We leverage market research and experience to ensure your ads reach the right audience.

What are the costs associated with outdoor advertising?

Costs vary depending on factors like location, ad size, duration, and type of advertising. We offer competitive pricing packages tailored to your budget and objectives. Feel free to reach out to our sales team for a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.

Is there a minimum contract length for outdoor advertising campaigns?

Our minimum contract length typically varies based on the type of advertising and location. We offer flexible contract options to accommodate short-term, seasonal, or long-term campaigns. Please discuss your needs with our sales representatives to find the best fit for your campaign duration.

How do you handle the design and creative aspects of the advertisement?

We have a team of skilled designers to assist you with creating captivating and effective outdoor advertisements. We'll work closely with you to understand your brand and messaging goals, ensuring your ad stands out and communicates your message clearly to your target audience.

Can I choose specific locations for my outdoor ads?

Absolutely! We provide options for you to choose specific locations based on our available inventory. We'll work together to identify prime spots that align with your target demographics and campaign objectives.

How is the success or impact of the advertising measured?

We use various metrics to measure the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising, including foot traffic analysis, impressions, website visits, and customer inquiries. We'll provide you with comprehensive reports and insights to evaluate the ROI and success of your campaign.

Can I change my advertising message during the campaign?

Yes, you can modify your advertising message during the campaign based on your needs and objectives. We offer flexibility to update and optimize your ads to ensure they remain relevant and impactful throughout the campaign.

Do you provide proof of performance or visibility reports?

Yes, we offer regular performance reports and visibility tracking to showcase the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising. You'll receive data on impressions, reach, and other relevant metrics to help evaluate the success of your campaign.

What happens if there is inclement weather affecting the display of outdoor ads?

In the event of adverse weather affecting ad visibility, we closely monitor conditions and take necessary steps to ensure the safety and integrity of our displays. If needed, we adjust scheduling and extend campaign durations to accommodate any interruptions caused by weather conditions.

These examples can serve as a foundation for crafting an informative and helpful FAQ section for your outdoor advertising company. Feel free to tailor the answers to match your specific services and policies.